Sunday, February 25, 2018

who is biz2biz?


"It's all about building relationships."
--Bob Young, Founder of biz2biz connect

Bob Young, founder biz2biz connections

Bob established biz2biz connect in 2008 so he could share his acquired wisdom on building long-term successful business relationships. His desire to mentor others began when he was the Membership Sales Representative for the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Chamber of Commerce. Holding this position he witnessed great networkers build trusted relationships that caused their businesses to flourish and he saw individuals waste great networking opportunities, or use techniques that actually proved detrimental to their business, because they did not have the right knowledge, attitude or tools. He took the insight he gained and used it repeatedly in his own successful business endeavors.

Today, his desire is to pay it forward and in 2014 partnered with the Business Club of Kansas City as Director of Training and Development. While his responsibilities vary, he is dedicated to his classes and workshops on building those, all important, long-term relationships. He never misses an opportunity to strike up a conversation and says, “True joy, is putting people together.”

He is also a fervent supporter of local charities and provides multiple opportunities each year for his fellow business partners to connect with worthy service organizations.



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